388, Room 7, 1st Floor, No. (1) Industrial Rd, Bahan

Main Services

  • Transporting fresh fish, meat, fruit, vegetables and foodstuffs with chilling & freezing system according to the recommendation of ministries Myanmar-Japan-Myanmar/Thailand-Myanmar-Thailand
  • Transporting medical products, chemical product & blood sample with cold system by air Myanmar-Japan-Myanmar/Thailand-Myanmar-Thailand.
  • Transporting heavy machine, overweight machine & general products globally.
  • Best declaration customs clearance for import & export services.
  • Import license application and paperwork.
  • Transporting Japan to Myanmar cargo with door to door system.
  • International freight forwarding agent.
  • Domestic transporting fresh fish, meat, fruit, vegetables & foodstuffs with chilling & freezing system.
  • In-land Truck rental service within Yangon Division and Other Divisions.

Temperature Control Packaging

JET8Myanmar by combining the unique cold container and high quality coolant , enabling the long -term temperature management for international transport.

With the help of our full time technicians, all the temperature control cargos are adjust and maintained at all time at the right temperature while shipping.

※ temperature zone of each , at room temperature , refrigerated (2 ~ 9 ℃) · freezing (0 to over 30 ℃) · be selected in the ultra- freezing (-20 ~ -80 ℃).

Paperwork Support

For food and beverages , by importing partners , often to be subject to regulation is cumbersome prepare documents for obtaining import permit.

JET8 Myanmar, we behalf support the procedures necessary documents in order to transport smoothly . In complicated procedures , without troubling the precious your time customers , available by courier sense.

Special Custom clearance services

Special Order

Custom clearance under a special order may granted for commodities such as,

  • Perishable Goods
  • Goods immediately required for special occasions such as, Government projects
  • Live flora, fauna and remain of the deceased.
  • Remand for issue under special order as to imports by department or state enterprise due to lack of set revenue.
  • Dangerous Harmful goods, vaccines under specified temperature, ie. Radioactive materials, live virus.

Drawback Permit

This procedure applies to the cargoes/products imported in normal way and fully taxed then, 7 out of 8 shares of tax can be drawback by the time re-exporting the cargoes/products according to rules and regulations.

Normally, the cargoes imported with the drawback system get 2 years before re-exporting and additional 1 year can be approved by the Director General of Myanmar Custom House.

Temporary Importation

This is the procedure for the cargoes which are intended to re-export within a limited time, get full or part of custom duty and other taxes exempted. The temporarily imported cargoes have to re-export before the limited time exceed. And when re-exporting, those cargoes shall be in same conditions as it was imported. And the temporarily imported cargoes can re-export one time or more than one time.

1. Cargoes/Products related to following events are allowed to import without Import License and are Tax exempted for 6 months.

  • Exhibitions, Fairs, Meeting and Similar events
  • Containers to carry the products for the above events (exclude Shipping Containers), Pallets, Packings, Samples and other Goods.
  • No Business related products, eg. Press or TelevisionBroadcasting, such as, Personal Computer, Fax, Typewriter, etc…

2. Cargoes/Products related to following events are allowed to import without Import License and are Tax exempted for 12 months.

  • Professional Equipment
  • Goods in connection with manufacturing operation
  • Educational, Science and Traditional products (Non-Profitable Events)
  • NGO products for humanity (Non-Profitable) and etc…

Border Transportation (Thailand Myanmar)

  • Transporting general cargo, dangerous cargo or over-sized cargo and temperature controlled cargo through border by truck to and from Thailand to Myanmar.
  • The border transportation through Maesot-Myawaddy is now easier and better as the new road to Yangon from Maesot is now half way finished.
  • A great team work with our JET8 Thailand Team serves you the best and easier way to transport your cargo through border.
  • As well as one stop, door to door service to and from Thailand and Myanmar.