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For the shipments that need to remain chilled or frozen, COOL24 is the shipping method of choice. With experience shipping everything from foodstuffs to medical samples, you can count on JET8 to get your chilled and frozen shipments to their destination safe and sound.
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JET8 takes advantages of the competitive nature of the airline industry to find the best shipping price. With Global 24, you can count on safe and speedy delivery at a fraction of the price charged by many big-name express shipment companies.

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Main Services

Our service provides transporting fresh food, meat, live animals, chemicals, medicine, general cargo, dangerous and oversized cargo globally and one stop. The mode of transportation is your choice. Read More »

Other Services

We also provide services on product documents registrations, Int’l sales and marketing, UMFCCI and more.
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Border Transportation Service

Providing low cost and non-limited range of cargo weight transportation service to and from Thailand and Myanmar by truck. Read More »