• Transporting fresh fish, meat, fruit, vegetables and foodstuffs with chilling & freezing system according to the recommendation of ministries Myanmar-Japan-Myanmar/ Thailand-Myanmar-Thailand.
  • Transporting clinical trial shipment, biopharmalshipment & biochemical shipment such as blood sample, human tissuse with cold system by air Myanmar-Japan-Myanmar/ Thailand-Myanmar-Thailand.
  • Transporting heavy machine, overweight machine & general products globally.
  • Project Cargo Handling Services
  • Temporary Importation, DrawBackSystem, Return& Repair and Special Order shipment Services
  • Borderline Transportation from Thailand to Myanmar and Myanmar to Thailand / China to Myanmar and Myanmar to China
  • Best declaration customs clearance for import & export services.
  • Import license application and paperwork.
  • International freight forwarding agent.
  • Domestic transporting fresh fish, meat, fruit, vegetables & foodstuffs with chilling & freezing system.
  • In-land Truck rental service within Yangon Division and Other Divisions.
Freight Forwarder

We (Jet8 Myanmar) is the most reliable International Freight Forwarding Agent in Myanmar.

We can provide Air Freight, Sea Freight and Cross Border Trade services to our valuable customers.

Sea Freight

Delivery cargo through with the sea is the cheapest and slowest method of transport.

We can arrange both Export and Import FCL shipment with best selling price, LCL Consolidation with Door to Door Service and Breakbulk shipments.

Air Freight

Air Freight is most preferred for a direct city to city transport and on the most direct routes between countries.

We can provide a comperhensive range of Export and Import Air Frieight cargo service to every specific requirement for various types of goods.

Cross Border

Transporting general cargo, dangerous cargo or over-sized cargo and temperature controlled cargo through out border by truck to and from Thailand to Myanmar.

The border transportation through out Maesot-Myawaddy is now smooth and quick with the asia Highway Road.

A great team work with our JET8 Thailand Team serves you the best and easier way to transport your cargo through border.

You can deliver the cargo not only FCL Charter Trucks but also LCL console shipment.

As well as one stop, door to door service to and from Thailand and Myanmar.

Myanmar requires cargo trucks and trailers from other countries to be offloaded and then on-loaded to Myanmar registered trucks and trailers at border crossing points. In other countries in the region only the truck and driver are exchanged at the border.


JET8Myanmar by combining the unique cold container and high quality coolant , enabling the long -term temperature management for international transport. With the help of our full time technicians, all the temperature control cargos are adjust and maintained at all time at the right temperature while shipping. Clinical Trial Shipment, Bio pharma & Biochemical Express (Chilled / Frozen) is the service of international transportation with temperature control of cargo. JET8MM provide the necessary documentation for custom clearance for both export and import process with related temperature packing material , labelling and temperature locker. Our service covers preparation of other related permits and necessary certificates for international transportation. We keep close monitoring the status of your cargo and keep reporting status of shipments until the cargo

Project Cargo Handling Services

We provide door to door services of out-of-gauge cargo for customers in construction, petroleum, equipment manufacture, water conservancy and electric power, metallurgy and high-speed rail. Our project logistics includes customers’ requirements analyzing, multi-mode transportation solutions designing, business resources integrating and optimizing, customs consulting, pick-up, packaging, insurance, container loading and unloading, combination of sea, rail and land transport, and installation in the jobsite. Our project cargo services as below:

  • Breakbulk Cargo Services
  • Out of Gauge Services
  • Heavy Lift Services
  • Full/Part Vessel Chartering

We are experts at construction industry logistics/project cargoes and our team have the tools required to send receive manage heavy equipment shipments to and from difficult to access locations and regions. Our heavy equipment transportation teams use the best suppliers available to ensure loading & lashing is always completed to the highest standard. We are making to check as below for project cargo shipments.

  • Site Survey/Feasibility Studies routes, weather, political , climate )
  • Full/Part charter party cars charters/time/voyage charters
  • Intermodal Transport ( Rail,Tug barge,Heavy Lift )
  • Special equipment transport( Flatracks,Opentops,Platforms..)
  • Cargo Insurance,covering the whole transport chain
  • Administration ( Customs Clearance,Trade Documentation )
Return And Repair Shipment Services

We are expert at services of return and repair shipment from to in Myanmar. Our service includes customer’s requirements return and repair permit of export and import,necessary documents and import and export customs clearances. Return and Repair shipment don’t need to pay any import duty and export duty in Myanmar. If you have any repair machine and machinery to other country, please kindly inquiry to us.

  • Step 1- Export Permit
  • Step 2-Import Permit

The return and repair shipment will be imported from 6 months to one year of return export shipment.

Special Order

Custom clearance under a special order may granted for commodities such as,

  • Perishable Goods
  • Goods immediately required for special occasions such as, Government projects
  • Live flora, fauna and remain of the deceased.
  • Remand for issue under special order as to imports by department or state enterprise due to lack of set revenue.
  • Dangerous Harmful goods, vaccines under specified temperature, ie. Radioactive materials, live virus.
Drawback Permit

This procedure applies to the cargoes/products imported in normal way and fully taxed then, 7 out of 8 shares of tax can be drawback by the time re-exporting the cargoes/products according to rules and regulations.

Drawback procedure means the Customs procedure, when goods are exported, that provides for a total or partial repayment of duties and taxes.

In Myanmar imports of machinery and equipment that are re-exported are eligible for duty drawback. The goods must be re-exported within two years of importation, however a one-year extension is possible. Under the current procedure, seven eighths of the customs duty paid on the goods will be refunded on re-export.

The drawback claim must be made at the time of re-export and the goods must be easily identifiable. Claims are normally processed within six months.

Temporary Importation

This is the procedure for the cargoes which are intended to re-export within a limited time, get full or part of custom duty and other taxes exempted. The temporarily imported cargoes have to re-export before the limited time exceed. And when re-exporting, those cargoes shall be in same conditions as it was imported. And the temporarily imported cargoes can re-export one time or more than one time.

1. Cargoes/Products related to following events are allowed to import without Import License and are Tax exempted for 6 months.

  • Exhibitions, Fairs, Meeting and Similar events
  • Containers to carry the products for the above events (exclude Shipping Containers), Pallets, Packings, Samples and other Goods.
  • No Business related products, eg. Press or TelevisionBroadcasting, such as, Personal Computer, Fax, Typewriter, etc…

2. Cargoes/Products related to following events are allowed to import without Import License and are Tax exempted for 12 months.

  • Professional Equipment
  • Goods in connection with manufacturing operation
  • Educational, Science and Traditional products (Non-Profitable Events)
  • NGO products for humanity (Non-Profitable) and etc…
One Stop Services For Chemical Products Approval
Analysis Report

The Importer who wants to apply the analysis report from the Department of Research and Innovation should be support below:

  • Sample 200 g for Solid and 300 ml for liquid Chemical
  • Material Safety Data Sheet – MSDS
  • Certificate of Analysis
Import Recommendation

The Importer who wants to apply the import recommendation for chemical and related substances shall obtain, complete, and submit the form (4) to the Central Supervisory Board along with following supporting documents. Application letter signed by the Managing Director or Director with company letter head (Attach their ID copies)

  • Original of Proforma Invoice
  • Original of Sale Contract
  • Hazard handling for import chemical and related substances
  • Analysis report from the Department of Research and Innovation under the Ministry of Education
  • Certificate of Analysis
  • Material Safety Data Sheet – MSDS
  • Form VI, Form XXVI and a copy of company registration
Import License

The Importer who wants to apply the import license from the Ministry of commerce should be provide following documents

  • Import Recommendation from the Ministry of Industry
  • Original Proforma Invoice
  • Original Sale Contract
  • Form VI, Form XXVI and a copy of company registration
Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances

1988 United Nations Convention against illicit Traffic List (I) in narcotic drugs and Psychotropic Substances

  • Acetic Anhydride
  • N-acetylanthranilic Acid
  • Ephedrine
  • Ergometarine
  • Ergotamine
  • Isosafrole
  • Lysergic Acid
  • 3, 4 methylenedioxyphenyl 2-Propanone
  • Norephedrine
  • 1- Phenyl 2 – Propanone
  • Piperonal
  • Potassium Permanganate
  • Pseudo ephedrine
  • Carole

1988 United Nations Convention against illicit Traffic List (II) in narcotic drugs and Psychotropic Substances

  • Acetone
  • Anthracitic Acid
  • Ethyl ether (or) Diethyl ether
  • Hydrochloric Acid
  • Methyl ethyl Ketone
  • Phenyl acetic acid
  • Piper dine
  • Sulphuric acid
  • Toluene

Set of Myanmar’s Specified control chemical substances

  • Caffeine
  • ThinlyChloridie